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Pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact theories - Wikipedia Several Olmec colossal heads have features that some diffusionists link to African contact.

Top Eleven Mysterious Mysteries of the Pre-Columbian Americas That We Decided to Cram Into One Article....Page 54

Caught in that sensual music all neglect Monuments of unageing intellect. — W.B. Yeats, Sailing to Byzantium In the 1970s the Dutch-Peruvian mathematician, Maria Sholten D’Ebneth wrote a book in which she claimed to have discovered, or rediscovered, an alignment of pre-Columbian sacred sites stretching from the ancient city of […]

Seeds: Pumpkin seeds or amaranth seeds are offered as snacks for the visiting ancestral spirits. In pre-Columbian times, Aztecs used amaranth seeds instead of sugar to make the skulls.

MACHU PICHU - SKELETAL REMAINS SHOW A 10:1 RATIO OF FEMALES TO MALES! This Pre-Columbian Inca mountain citadel was only rediscovered in 1911. It shows several strong indications of astronomical observation. The structures are built from white granite, with blocks reaching up to 3.7 metres in length. .

Alcohol: Is provided for visiting ancestral spirits to to toast their arrival. In pre-Columbian times, pulque, a beverage made from the sap of maguey or agave plant was reserved for special spiritual ceremonies. Today, any favorite alcoholic beverage can be used.

Tunic The Power of Imagery Pre-Columbian Textile Art: Design that Speaks Today Museum of Art & Archaeology University of Missouri

THE LOST CITY OF THE MONKEY GOD A True Story By Douglas Preston Novelist Scours the Honduran Jungle for Pre-Columbian Ruins. The Jungle Scours Him Back. - The New York Times

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