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Activity for ages 5 to 7. Once kids learn stand alone letter sounds, they’re ready to tackle digraphs – two letter combinations that make just one sound like the pairs -CH, -SH and -TH. Just like our digraph cards, this simple sort and find is a motivating, hands-on way to make learning them fun for …

Your guide for words that give everyone trouble; in school, at home or in the office. A wonderful collection of the most popular misspelled, confused and misused words. http://www.Examville.com

Word Family Dice Game- Put word family endings on red die and common consonant beginnings on the other. Kids roll the dice and see if the word they make makes sense. If it does right it down! Fun and learning!

Syllable Division/Segmentation Anchor Chart - This chart is great, but it makes me stop and think about all of the prerequisite skills needed before it can be really understood by a 2nd grader.

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