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The Addams Family

aaaaah the show that began my love of gothic, dark and macabre. *I would wear my hair like Wednesday*

Great TV Shows of the Past

munsters - as a kid I watched this show all the time and was actually a little scared too.

1960's T.V. show The Addams Family (1964-1966) had 'Thing' who gave them mail or the telephone was played by Ted Cassidy, the same guy who played the family butler, Lurch.

The Munsters and the Adams Family were two of my favorite shows. The song was written by Vic Mizzy. Some Adams Family trivia. Gomez was a lawyer. Morticia's man-eating plant was named Cleopatra.

The Addams Family - I wanted to be Morticia Addams. This show had a great and creepy theme song. We used to sing it every Halloween!