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hautepop: Dmitri Ermakov, Chronicler of the Caucasus. 1870s, Georgia.

Zula Zelick, "The Circassian Queen," a 19th century circus performer. "Moss-haired" or "Circassian" girls were white women who would stiffen and bush their hair into contemporary Afro styles, and their acts would include "the pitch" that they'd been kidnapped by 'Arabs' and were forced into harem life, until they escaped and found refuge there in the circus. Info via

The Arabic inscriptions include the names of the maker and the owner, the latter apparently a descendant of the ruling house of the Crimean Tartars.

😒 Seriously?!?! YES, there ARE black Jews. They trace their lineage back to Ethiopia and the Queen of Sheba, BUT the evidence presented in this argument is weak, and amounts to little more than an ethnocentric re-write not unlike the grandfather in My Big Fat Greek Wedding insisting that everyone and everything is Greek using ridiculous examples of pseudo-entomology. Google the Circassian people.

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Rare 1871 Twin Circassian Girls CDV Photo Circus Act St. Louis Interesting

RARE 1871 Twin CIRCASSIAN Girls CDV Photo Circus Act St Louis Interesting | eBay

circassian rider, note the circassian saddle

Circassian usually get married by kidnapping, the groom wait the bride on the border of the village riding his horse. After that he should fire three shots as a sign to let the entire village know.After that men should go to the bride home to let her father agree about the marriage.Usually the bride's family give their agreement.After all the village know about the kidnapping ,the groom should hold a big party with circassian songs and dances .