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from PressTV

Syria Kurds liberate villages near Raqqah

A fighter from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) rests on a rooftop on the outskirts of the town of Shaddadi in the northeastern Syrian province of Hasakah, on February 19, 2016. (AFP)

from PressTV

NY subway gassed over bio-terror

A woman walks by a device used for chemical tracers used by the Department of Homeland Security and New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority during a test of how gas would flow through the subway system in New York, US, May 9, 2016. (Reuters)


Obama Orders Public Schools to Stop Freaking Out About Student Bathroom Use

A bathroom sign welcomes both genders at the Cacao Cinnamon coffee shop in Durham, North Carolina May 3, 2016 , Mr. president, leave the children out your war on us, got it? over.

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from The Daily Beast

The Lawyers Who Could Take Down Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

To Team Clinton, they’re ‘everything wrong with our politics.’ To conservatives, they’re heroes—and maybe the best positioned to dig up dirt that could sink her.

Rearming Libyan Regime a Lunatic Scheme "you're correct, so, try some thing new, attack them,stop,attack double back stop att no dbl, dbl. 15151515 stop, "here try this one"wb.

‘Attack on freedom of expression’: Barcelona fuming as Madrid bans Catalan flag at football match — RT News " Don't even think about taking my Idaho flag, you understand me?"wb. " is she chopping at the air?, in leather? again?. Black or Orange? I like orange, on her, more each day"wb