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Revolv is a home automation hub that Google acquired 17 months ago; yesterday, Google announced that as of May 15, it will killswitch all the Revolvs in the field and render them inert. Section 120…

Why Google made the NSA

Why Google made the NSA. Inside the secret network behind mass surveillance, endless war, and Skynet—part 2

We should face up to the end of ‘retirement’ | Conservative Home

Sarah van Gelder Huffington Post Sat, 30 Apr 2016 13:13 UTC © Paul Dunn Twelve years ago, John Perkins published his book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, and it rapidly rose up The New Yor…

Lyft To Uber: The Race Is On

Lyft has been eating Uber's dust for years. Can a series of smart partnerships steer the "nice" ride-sharing startup into its own lane?

The Future Of Progressive Business Is Companies That Are Good, Not Just Doing Good

Responsible businesses today tout the idea of something called shared valuewhere profits, customers, and the environment all benefit from a company's...

What is New Mutualism? It’s the little choices that matter. Do you set up your own home office or join a co-working community? Shop at a chain grocery store or a local food co-op? Bank or credit union?

In Pod-Based Community Living, Rent Is Cheap, But Sex Is Banned

With the rise of community living and workcations, an alternative might be to just sleep where you cowork.