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I AM THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA, THE Beginning and the end —Revelation 1:8 NKJV LORD, “My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” —Psalm 91:1–2 ESV —Isaiah 49:13

B17 (My Uncle was an engineer on one of these planes. Shot down. hid, POW, freed -camp saved-sent to a "butterball" US hospital camp to recover from near starvation. {butterball may be a term our family used??} He made it home! I am getting correct info. and will repin then. He lived into his early 90's. NEVER used derogatory terms about the then enemy. A real gentleman. More asap K)

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He's my Rock. My fortress, my stronghold. The place I will go when I'm happy, sad, scared, afraid, excited, joyful, or discouraged.

I will say of the Lord, "He is my refuge and my fortress my God in Him I will trust." Psalm 91:2

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"The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my savior, my God is my rock, in what find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety." Psalm 18:2-3 (Scripture doodle of encouragement)