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My husband built this amazing enclosed garden with raised beds by adding onto a trellis he had built a few years earlier. We needed a garden that would keep the deer out.

Your Simple Guide To Building A Raised Garden Bed

Our guide to building raised gardening beds will help save your vegetables, and your back! Elevating your beds eliminates the need to lean over in the garden.

Keyhole Garden Bed Method, a Compost and Garden Bed in One.

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Raised garden with hay bales. "Cheap and can be used on the pathways, compost, or turned into the soil itself once they no longer hold shape (we think they will last at least a year). It was also easy to remove one bale in order to move our wheelbarrow in when we filled it with dirt...when we want to expand later, we can easily do so. And, of course, straw is more sustainable than wood and can be sourced locally...the bales are also nifty to kneel, sit, or lay on." via Cathy Habas

DIY Seedling Greenhouses Ideas For Your Garden This Spring

DIY Seedling Greenhouses | Get a Jump Start on Your Garden This Year | Cool And Simple Tricks To Start Your Own Indoor Seedling Using Items From Around Your Home by Survival Life at

15 Easy-to-Build Raised Garden Beds

Raised Garden Beds that are Easy to Make- Great tips, tricks and tutorials to make your own!