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Aspie Alligator - group conversation give up on contributing after 6th try goes unnoticed

Aspie Alligator - learn a new catchphrase use it in every conversation possible for a whole week

Aspie Alligator - Tell someone They're wrong They don't appreciate it

Aspie Alligator - try to explain something to someone else use at least 3 examples or analogies

Aspie Alligator - Bosses give you multiple conflicting tasks at work ALL BUSIness must grind to a halt until this issue is resolved

"You build an identity by being true and doing what you want and you lose your authenticity if you’re always scheming and positioning yourself with people for some benefit." quote from her interview with

Our patients often face many challenges or they must adapt to a new life as a result of a stroke, pulmonary issues, spinal cord or traumatic brain injury. So much of life is attitude and resilience. When we think we can't adapt...we can.

30 Inspirational Quotes to Live By (Part 2)

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Words of Wisdom (Whimsy Is Forever)

breathe via @Angela Bourassa LeBrun (@angela4design) GREAT to remember.

Every time. #imgur