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don't ask don't want to know

This is the weirdest thing I have ever read

I need destiel so bad, this isn't even funny anymore.

Who did this... Omg help me. This is hilarious but bad at the same time...

from theCHIVE

It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (32 Photos)

Bahaha!! I never really pin things with bad words but this made me laugh so hard!! Hahahhaha! Also applicable to Hump Day...

Justgirlythings breaking bad funny

I know I come off as a quiet person, but don't think I won't slap the shit out of you.

When my mom tells me to act my age I tell her "I don't know how to act my age because I have never been this age before." She gets so mad.

I don't treat people badly. I treat them accordingly. | #INTJ

Oh yeah! I sometimes can not wait to have time to my self!!