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This is for all you people who thought you were helping by telling me I should be able to stop, but did not tell me how to or nothing to help. <3 it's the haters that motivate us the most.

Infographic: How Plastic Bags Are Destroying Our Planet

How Plastic Bags Are Killing Our Over 1 trillion bags are produced every year—and every single one of those bags will take an estimated years to degrade. At that cost, is the convenience of using plastic bags really worth it? - Posters For GOOD


Be inspired to take the time to listen. Sometimes that is all it takes to help a person who is depressed and keep them from doing the unthinkable.

Mine is under control currently, but this is pretty accurate for those living with long-term depression.

Beautifully Accurate

Boost Your Privacy with Fast-Growing Trees

Lots of gardeners want fast-growing trees for privacy, especially when a tree is lost to old age or other factors. While it's true that fast-growing trees provide quick beauty, seclusion and shade, they may be short-lived and

Stay strong. I know times are tough. I know how much you want to. But hey look at you now! You're showing how strong you are by not eating, cutting , or burning. I promise if i can do it then the hell you can too

An ode to @florence #delilah By the wonderful @jenniferlawes A backstory: I've been free from self-harm for over a year and that's often something I forget to give myself credit for. Florence + The Machine's music has always been there to help me feel all of the feels and inspire me to write, which helps me cope with this strange monster that lives inside of my skull. Also some words of comfort for the humans going through a similar thing: you're gonna be free. you're gonna be fine. ❤️

This Handmade Essential Oil Rack is made of Walnut Oak Cedar or Pine and designed to sit on your dresser, counter, or shelf. It is designed