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Masala Pop brings a fresh, Indian twist to the classic American snack, popcorn. Not only is their popcorn spiced with compelling flavors and the perfect mix of sweet and salty, but it is also made from non-GMO, organic corn and ingredients. They believe that food, as a nexus for social life and sharing, should be made from wholesome sources that sustain the environment just as food sustains our bodies.

Pickled Pink Foods was built by the Stephenson Family, who also founded Hunter’s Hotline, a nonprofit organization that provides confidential hotlines to schools and raises community awareness of issues affecting our youth. The Pickled Pink’s product line was created as a way help fund the nonprofit organization. They launched their first product, a Gourmet Sweet Pickle in July, 2013. Each jar contains information about Hunter’s Hotline on the back label.

D’Vine Crush distinguishes themselves from other food companies in many important ways. They are a family-owned business. They help reduce the negative effects the wine industry has on the environment by using some of the useful by-products of the wine-making process as ingredients in their delicious energy bars and snacks. And the products themselves are handmade in collaboration with a work training program that benefits people with disabilities.

Alan and Nathalie Alberto believe that all good things come together at the table. That is why Mesa Fresca was developed to nourish and bring people together through great food that is good for you and good for the soul.

Born out of a bittersweet story, Bellicchi’s Best Biscotti now produces the best quality sweets around. Founder Kathleen Bellicchi created Bellicchi’s Best in commemoration of the fond memories she has baking biscotti with her husband Eric, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer Disease. She found that even when things were difficult, they could always bond over baking up some biscotti...

Out in the heartland of America, Renee Wolfe and her the family at Spring Valley Farms have a passion for delicious high quality food that is is as deep as their love of Football and the great outdoors. They’re committed to using only the best all natural ingredients available to bring their best to your table. They strive to make the best tasting products from resources that nature provides, with flavors that are unforgettable.

Artisan Feature: Angelo Garro of Omnivore Salt

Angelo Garro makes salt that is as legendary as he is. He is famous not only for his refined product but also for his character and deep love of the traditional artisanal life and process. He grew up learning how to forage, hunt, pickle and cook, using what is present in his environment to create something special. In this way he developed a true appreciation of the land, the animals, the seasons – in short, the ways in which we derive sustenance from nature.

HomeFree® LLC makes delicious, organic, ready-to-eat whole grain cookies free of gluten and common food allergens including peanuts, tree nuts, eggs and dairy. HomeFree is a pioneer and leader in the industry with regard to allergy safety. With the highest commitment to product integrity, HomeFree sources its ingredients with great care and regularly conducts allergen testing.

Having a number of Artisans that offer different types of energy bars, we thought it would be a great idea to tell you more about them, because each one has a different story to offer. We hope this will inspire you to choose your favorite, based on their company stories and the ingredients they use to make their unique and delicious products!