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Foaling Horses: 101 to 911

A new foal sits sternal (on his chest/belly) with head held up within moments of birth. The foal will shake its head, lick itss lips, and will often start to vocalize when it sees and hears its mother.

Feeding Foals

Behavior Q&A: Why are Two Siblings Out of the Same Mare so Different? - | An equine behavior expert addresses contradictory characteristics between foals out of one mare born different years.

Study: Gut Microflora Changes Could Point to EMS

Cushing's and EMS: What's the Difference? - | Practitioners must use clinical signs and laboratory testing to distinguish between these sometimes similar ailments.

Researchers Study Plant-Based Treatment for Equine Melanoma

Researchers Study Plant-Based Treatment for Equine Melanoma -- Betulinic acid could become a safe and effective treatment for melanoma in horses, researchers said.

Mare Gestation Calculator

Mare Gestation Calculator - | Are you wondering when your pregnant mare will foal? Use our Mare Gestation Calculator to find out! The average gestation length in the mare ranges from 320 to 362 days; most mares will foal within 330-345 days of successful breeding. However, mares have successfully foaled with gestation lengths outside this range. #horses #foaling

How to Predict When a Mare Will Foal

How to Predict When a Mare will Foal - | Many breeders use a combination of the available options to predict when a mare will foal. #horses #foaling