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A large Indian Khanda broadsword, circa 18th Century, probably North or Central Indian. Of all steel construction, the quality can be see in the attention to detail. The basket hilt has some nice intricate design, as do the blade straps that reach down the blade from the hilt. Of completely solid construction, and retaining a very sharp double edged blade. The blade is very flexible and has light scratching to the surface of the blade. Nice broad spatula tipped blade as is typical on the…

This rare and unusual palm weapon is Indian, late 17 C., probably Central or South India. In a way it is a combination of a knuckle duster and a Bagh – Nakh Indian concealed weapon. It is held in the palm like a knuckle duster and has to long spikes of twisted steel extending to both sides

Indian tabar-zaghnal, a combination tabar axe and zaghnal war hammer / pick, all steel construction with silver koftgari decorations, 18th to 19th century.

17 C. Temple Sword - This rare sword comes from south India, most probably from Tanjore, 17 C. or earlier. They are also known as Nayar Temple Sword. The steel blade is 27inches long, with the last 8 inches bent like a sickle. 16 small brass bells are attached to the spine. The grip is whole heavy brass with long filed and decorated reinforcement strips fastening the blade to the handle. Total length 32 inches. Very good condition to age. Good patina on blade. A very rare piece.

Early 19th Century Indian Patissa Khanda Sword Here we have a fine example of the legendary Indian doubled edged sword, the Patissa Khanda. The heavy but well balanced blade features deep fullers, a rounded tip which is typical of the patissa Khanda and almost all of its original polish remains. The blade is mounted on a silver gilted basket type hilt, which brandishes a curved spike. The grip is also bound with leather cord and the Khanda comes with a restored scabbard.

An important jade-hilted Kandshar decorated with gold, rubies and emeralds. India Moghul, 18th century. | Czerny’s

Khanda Sword detail of the hilt. Dated: probably 18th century Culture: Indian This type of sword and other similar weapons were used in Indian from at least the Gupta period (320-550 AD) to present day. The khanda swords were used by the Marathas, Rajputs, Jats, Nairs and Sikhs.