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The crimson chat (Epthianura tricolor) is a species of small bird found in Australia. It is also known as the tricoloured chat, saltbush canary, and crimson-breasted nun. Crimson chats are usually 4-5 inches (10–13 cm) in length and 10-11 grams in weight. They have long, thin legs; a pointy, downward curving bill; and a brush-like tipped tongue.

South Island Saddleback (Philesturnus carunculatus carunculatus), Te Wharawhara Open Sanctuary, Rakiura National Park, Ulva Island, New Zealand

Himalayan Bluetail (Tarsiger rufilatus). A small bird of forests in the Himalayas. photo: Somchai Kanchanasut.

The Silvereye - Zosterops lateralis, is a small bird with a conspicuous ring of white feathers around the eye, and belong to a group of birds known as white-eyes.