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Chocolate cupcakes with a gooey chocolate chip cookie dough centre and chocolate ganache rose icing - you must hide these from any cookie monsters in the house because they will disappear very (cookie dough contains no raw egg so these cupcakes are friendly for children and mums-to-be x)

Chocolate truffle cupcakes with chocolate ganache centre and icing and handmade chocolate shard to decorate...x

Chocolate truffle cupcake with dark chocolate ganache core and chocolate ganache rose piped icing...for the one who melts your heart xxx

Chocolate and raspberry cupcakes with a raspberry jam and chocolate ganache centre and ganache icing and white chocolate 'Love' - perfect for weddings, valentines, anniversary or just a friday night treat...x

White chocolate ganache cupcakes - chocolate truffle cupcake with a white chocolate ganche core and rose piped icing...a rose by any other name xxx

Chocolate chip gingerbread cookies that melt in the mouth... With the texture of a brownie with a crisp shell and the warming taste of ginger this is a perfect treat to have with a cuppa at Christmas...x

Cookie monster cupcakes - 2 flavours Choc cupcakes with choc chip cookie dough centres, vanilla butter cream icing and choc cupcakes with chocolate ganache centre and vanilla butter cream (cookies are chocolate chip cookies)

Voila! Meet the Caramelicious cupcake - a light caramel sponge with a gooey caramel centre, caramel frosting. And just in case there isn't enough caramel, there is a caramel shard to decorate...yummy! x

The victorious 'Victoria Cupcake' A pretty and light treat, vanilla cupcake, strawberry jam centre, whipped vanilla cream icing and half a strawberry to decorate...x