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He was reportedly shocked when he won the election and is now trying to negotiate an easy schedule of working in DC 4 days a week and waking up in his own NYC bed the other 3 days. Nice going, moron! It doesn't work like that! Why did you even bother to run for office? Now we're stuck with your sorry ass for 4 years. Thanks SO much, you raging narcissist and bloody idiot!!!

My dad signed up to fight fascists at 17, now at 90, he's living in a fascist country.

GOT THAT? Now get off of your whiny lazy ass and EARN YOUR WAY!

Killery "sold" the U.S. to those Middle Eastern tyrants... but she lost, so she can't hand our country over now. Hmmmm... ~@guntotingkafir

Angels walked with him while he was here, he walks with them now?

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There you have it in a nutshell! And now they are afraid the black voters on the Democratic plantation are going to wake up and realize the truth about who actually cares and will do something for them.

Not even an American, he is a TRAITOR to all, and should be locked up or put down. He has shed so much blood by what he has financed!!!!!

The DNC screwed up this whole election,,,if it weren't for what you did, Bernie would be in the House right now...