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Leo using the healing hands on Karai TMNT

healing hands by just a pineapple

Impression Part.4 -Side of April- by owiyalight on DeviantArt

Impression Part. 4 - Side of April

Omg noooooo... leo why!!!--> XD is it wrong that I predicted that to happen?

At first I was like AWWWW! Then at the end I was like you go Donnie! Poor Leo /: And Raph's reaction =perfect

BigBrothersIII by Bananaphana on deviantART

BigBrothersIII by Bananaphana on DeviantArt

HERE KITTY KITTY by pirate-pet.deviantart.com on @deviantART

:) awwww so sweet but so sad :'( <<< it is a little sad, but its best not to dwell on the past and lost loved one but rather spend time with the loved ones you have now.

Guys what are you doing?

Guys what are you doing?

Earthling Kiss by giulal on DeviantArt

Cute but ummmmmmmmm

adult conversations by SugarUP on DeviantArt

adult conversations by SugarUP on DeviantArt loved this movie

shell by RingingT.deviantart.com on @deviantART

xD just like girls hiding things in their bras :D i hide my phone in my bra :D

Clingy Sleeper by BrushBell on deviantART<<<-they were on the rooftops looking for kraang action but Karai fell asleep so Leo picked her up and took her home

Karai Can Never Resist Leo's Kisses