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My two Awesome Niecies....Maribel and Monterrey, Mexico

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Islam, Death and The Book of Life

Cemetery at Leon Guanajuato, Mexico during Day of the Dead on November 2, 2012. Description from I searched for this on

In 1749, Spain settled the area we now call the Rio Grande Valley, thus was born the Tejano. Because of the remoteness of South Texas at the time and its proximity of Mexico, Tejano culture was very much tied to the Mexican states of Nuevo Leon and Tamalipas. These ties continue today and are a strong influence on the Tejano culture.

My brother Francisco in his hay-day as a Soccer Player in Monterrey N.L. Mexico~ holding his eldest son Jesus... Miss U brother, may you rest in peace....

My Sister Monique and my Lil' Niece Joanna when she was a bebe...back in Monterrey N.L. Mexico

The first Spanish map of the Grand Canyon region was produced by Fray Silvestre Velez de Escalante in 1775. From New Mexico at the bottom (east) he depicts the presence of, distances between, and/or populations of, the Zunis, Mescalero Apaches, Comanches, Navajos, Utes, Hopis, and farthest west, the Cosminas (Havasupais and Hualapais).