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Sun-Star Sect Cylindrical Multi Pencil Sharpener The sharpener is a cool little device. A dial clicks into five positions, giving you, in effect, five point options, from needle-sharp to pretty blu…

Canopic jars from Pringles cans! from Incedible@rt Department (blog)

The Catacombs of Rome are ancient, underground burial places under Rome, Italy,

'Lothlorien', 2008 ~ Tara Rueping. Tara Rueping is a concept artist that worked on season Three and Four of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series, as well as the video games Star Wars: Bounty Hunter and Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

Lantern Festival in Center City, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Fine and early Newcomb College Vase, Circa 1903, cylindrical shape with a flaring foot, painted crocus design under a high glaze, executed by Esther Huger Elliot

Female magic user, dark complexion with glowing white tattoos. POC fantasy. #representationmatters Exalted art

Dark cloaked rogue with dragon in the background. This is a book cover by Paolo Barbieri for The Wars of the Worlds Emerged: The Sect of the Assassins, written in Italian.