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For many of you this can delay or prevent the acceptance of a lineage society application. Frustrating? Frustrated about not finding your ancestor's marriage record? (Me, too!) Let's just not admit defeat yet, until we have looked at all of our options.

♛ lowkey just wanna remind all these mules who are sayin that 'dany is gonna go crazy like the mad king and be the main villain of the story' that my homegirl ain't bein no tyrant. she has done some harsh things but only to facilitate freedom & justice in the long run. we all saw in 610 that cersei is the pyromaniac mad evil one, so let's not get too hasty about the khaleesi, eh? jeez ♛

"Adorable insomniac sitting in his parents' basement all night creating magic"? Yep, that about covers it. Thank you, Adam Young. :)