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PICTURES: AfD Protest In Berlin Demands Stronger Borders, Calls For Merkel To Resign

Evidence Pointing to Globalist Paul Ryan as Part of "HIT JOB" Against Trump -- Is Ryan trying to bring down Trump? They’re demanding that he step down over the “locker room” comments he made nearly a DECADE AGO. Nevermind that Hillary’s husband is an accused rapist and a notorious womanizer, who stuffed a cigar up the vagina of a 20-something-year-old intern in the Oval Office.

We all need to love and respect ourselves because that is how we treat others

Stop the division. Stand up and unite against the American government and demand our freedoms back.

Stand up for whats right not for selfishness... Not your life not your rules. Most everything is equal, so why is this am exception.

WHAT? MUSLIM OFFICIAL: WE'LL GIVE UP TEMPLE MOUNT WHEN MESSIAH COMES - ...The law is enforced by Israeli police, with Jews often shadowed by a member of the Waqf, who closely watches the Jewish visitor to ensure that his or her lips are not moving in prayer. According to Kamal, 90% of rabbis are opposed to Jews’ ascending the Mount altogether. “I have a good solution,” he told MKs. “According to the Jewish religion, the Holy Temple is to descend from Heaven when the Messiah comes. [...]…

RNR Kentucky (@RNRKentucky) | Twitter #VOTETRUMP2016

Call Trey Gowdy. Thank him for standing up on Benghazi. We need people like him to stand up for true Americans & he's doing a great job. God bless him!!