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Whale Blubber Experiment Many animals live their lives in extreme weather conditions. Blue whales, for example, migrate between warm breeding waters and cold feeding waters near Antarctica and in the Arctic. How do whales and other animals stay warm in very cold water and climates? Find out with this easy science demonstration that uses only common household items.
Children will enjoy reading these Groundhog Day Books in celebration of Groundhog’s Day and learning about the weather, shadows, hibernation, and more. Groundhog Day Books for Kids | Groundhog Day Picture Books | Groundhog Day Read Aloud Books
These science interactive pages cover WEATHER. The emphasis of the weather interactive pages are weather instruments (thermometer, wind vane, anemometer, barometer, rain gauge, hygrometer), types of fronts, (warm, cold, stationary), air pressure systems (high, low), types of extreme weather, (thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, droughts), predicating / forecasting weather, and climates.
I have to admit I’ve been letting myself get a little caught up in stress and worry as my due-date draws closer and our apartment is still on the market. Having been told to cut back my activities significantly has also added to the pressure. There’s so much I had planned to get done before …
Celebrating this Life: Happy Fall Y'all
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