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Ahura Mazda. the Iranian sky god, the Wise Lord, and god of order, depicted as a bearded man on a winged disk, was the principal god of the ancient Zoroastrians. He was one of the Indo-Iranian spiritual lords who also included Mithra and Varuna. Achaemenid Persians worshiped him as Ahuramazda, giver of kingship. Later dynasties worshiped him as a perfect and omniscient spirit. He came to be depicted in human form.

Joel Peter Witkin. One of his tamer images. He was a graduate student when I was in the Fine Art Photography program at UNM. He was also maître d' at a restaurant near my house in the North Valley, where he was given to dressing in black leather, head to toe. A strange and brilliant man. (lisa) More?

oel-Peter Witkin, born 1939 in New York, is an American photographer. He is known for his startling and provocative images. His work centers around corpses, body parts and people with physical deformities. He takes as his subjects dwarfs, transsexuals, hermaphrodites and others beyond the pale of what is considered ‘normal’. Some have criticized his depiction of the physically deformed as ‘freak-show attractions’, while many praise him for unflinchingly pursuing beauty in places where it is…