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When you think anteaters, your probably don’t immediately think “cute,” and that probably has a lot to do with their name. It doesn’t really seem fair that they’re named after what they devour for sustenance. Kittens are cute, but mice-eaters maybe not so much. Birds aren’t bugeaters, and I’m pretty glad people don’t call me [...]

Oh! It's Just Me!

VIDEO: This cat was playing with her baby human when she spotted something in the mirror. Her reaction is priceless.

You have to watch this - makes me tear up every time I see it. This is an amazing true story: A woman in Colombia found an injured lion in the forest ready to die. She took the lion with her and nursed the lion back to health. When the lion was better she made arrangements with a zoo to take the lion to give it a good home.

Mis Laminas para Decoupage

Raccoon expresses dexterity, cleanliness, disguise, exploration and curiosity. Secrecy that helps new transformations take place is employed and balances curiosity with caution, courageousness and self-defensive when needed to be. Raccoon lends a sense of socializing and the ability to see the nature of illusions and masks, showing how to transform yourself and bring to awareness how to act differently with the various people you encounter each day.

Funny Gif Of The Day: Kitty Is Ninja

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