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A man dines on a traditional Korean meal, composed of small dishes and rice. Prior to the Japanese occupation, the peninsula was divided into administrative provinces that largely retained regional cuisines. Today, the food around Pyongyang consists of grains and meat dishes designed for enduring the country's notoriously harsh winters. Food shortages are common in the Hermit Kingdom due to mismanagement and a lack of arable land.

Namdaemun - 1904 삶의 여로 속에서 : 조선시대 사진 - 숭례문

Farmers sit in a field with their team of oxen. Under colonial rule, North Korea's agriculture production was directed toward supporting Japan's food supply. Today, the country -- which is less than 25 percent arable land -- depends on farming for much of its food supply. Members of the North Korean army are even required to serve as farmers. According to one defected soldier, "North Korea can't farm without the army.… The North Korean army's main job is malnutrition eradication."

Driving the devils out of an old man, Chosen (Korea)

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Taco Rice Bake

Taco Rice Bake - loaded with taco meat, beans, Rotel, cheese, and rice. It's a full meal in one dish! We like to top the casserole with our favorite taco toppings - cheese, sour cream, jalapeños and guacamole! This a great change to our usual taco night!!

Once Upon a Time in Pyongyang - By Marya Hannun

A country inn, Chosen (Korea)

Two men sit atop "anchor stones" in fields outside Pyongyang. According to the original caption for the image, Korean folklore holds that Pyongyang is a boat floating in the waters of the Taedong and Potong rivers; some interpretations claim the two great stones moored the city, preventing it from floating away, while others maintain that the monoliths served as masts for the "floating island city."

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A woman works at a textile loom. Then and now, North Korea's economy has relied heavily on its textile industry, which is responsible for one of the country's primary exports. Like many industries, it has suffered as a result of the country's isolation; the European Community, for example, has strict quotas and bans on the importation of North Korean textiles.