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Dust Storm(Raghavendran Ramachandran (Raghav R))

Dust Storm by Raghavendran Ramachandran In the northern plains of lndia, during hot summer months, winds with terrible force blow, causing a storm like atmosphere, with consequent disruption of life as long as it lasts. Sometimes its after-effects last for two or three days. Such dust storms are termed in these parts "Loo"

"Out in the garden where we planted the seeds, there is a tree as old as me. Branches were sewn by the color of green. Ground had arose and passed it's knees. By the cracks of his skin I climbed to the top. I climbed the tree to see the world. When a gust of wind came to blow me down, held on as tightly as you held on me. And I built a home for you, for me." ~ 'To Build a Home' (Cinematic Orchestra feat. Patrick Watson)

Stribog ( In the East Slavic mythology, the god of the wind. In the East Slavic mythology, the deity of ancient pantheon, the idol which was established in Kiev in 980. The name Stribog dates back to the ancient roots "Strega" which means "elder", "paternal uncle". In the "Lay" the winds are named Stribozhimi grandchildren that arrows are blowing from the sea, which seems to indicate the atmospheric features Stribog.)

Harmony Bells: Like the bells that have rung in Tibetan monasteries for thousands of years, this trio of Asian-inspired harmony bells help create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Set of 3 bells are cast of metal and have wooden clappers inside each for a gentle ring when rung by hand or the play of the wind. Each hangs on a jute cord. Bells measure from 7 3/4"H to 4"H. $15.99