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1.12 | Faith 2.01 | In My Time of Dying 4.15 | Death Takes a Holiday 10.23 | Brother’s Keeper THANK YOU. Crowley: (hands Dean a small scythe) "Death’s own. Kills, golly, demons and angels and reapers and, rumor has it, the very thing itself". - 5x21 Two Minutes to Midnight --Crowley told Dean how to kill Death 5 years ago.

You're my angel but now I've reached my point of falling apart. I'm sorry~ don't know who put this on here, but it's a perfect combination of pins for this story, and the description might work, I haven't completely decided...

Claathre isn't naive anymore. The Demons aren't evil like the Angel's led her to believe. If anything, it is the Angels that are the bad ones. Humans....they are just mindless parasites.

"The only downfall of having a good heart is that you're constantly looking for angels inside of demons. And they wonder why the good know so much pain."