A 3-year-old boy shot and killed himself Tuesday morning with a gun belonging to his parents, Paulding County authorities said.

Robert Braxton was shot & killed in a Pennsylvania church on Sunday after an argument over a seat. But the situation soon turned violent when Mark Storms, 46, approached Braxton, carrying a gun in his hand and telling the 27-year-old to get out of the sanctuary. The gun-toting suspect then flashed a Concealed Weapons Permit badge, which the district attorney’s office belives was purchased online. 04.28.16

Been waiting 7 years for Obama to come take our guns, and all we got were jobs, health insurance and our boys home from Iraq.

Lehigh Acres man shoots 4 year old daughter while cleaning gun | WINK NEWS This is the second time in less than two months that Lee County deputies have been called to the home. In February, two men stormed into the home and opened fire. One bullet pierced the wall of the 4-year-old’s bedroom. Neighbors say Valle may have purchased a gun after the incident. 04.04.16

Coffee shops, playgrounds, family restaurants? Come on Open Carry, Grow some balls,. Hold your next rally inside a bank. But you won't, because then you might get...shot.

September 12, 2015: Father Went From Room To Room Killing His Family [wife and 3 teenage children], Then Himself with shotgun late Monday or early Tuesday. Minneapolis, Minn.

Mark Storms, 46, flashed a concealed carry badge before opening fire on Braxton, killing him.

By republican logic more cars would result in less traffic. Statistics show the increased guns sales over the last years has resulted in a 33% increase in gun violence. Guns are, by design, to create violence.

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