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KABALAH TIKUN Incienso - Ketoret - קטרת- Incienso
Ufo over china same one seen in Australia and other parts of the world within months of each other!
Kopenhagenas muzejā
UFO Photo : Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA - January, 2007
This is a roswell picture. Ananaki anyone?  Real faces of aliens
I love the Adamski pictures. He had experts and believers fooled for years. In a time before Photoshop, he created images of alien spacecraft from children's toys and lampshades that were published as proof of alien visitations. He even claimed he rode in the 'Venusian' craft. It was at this point people became a little more sceptical of his stories....
Три расы до разделения. Наглядно в фотографиях, картинах и артефактах
Illustration From  Gulliver's Travels ,1732. so what is a UFO doing in a 350 year old childs book.   question everything
Giant Skeleton found in the Ohio River Valley, under an Ancient Indian Burial Mound. It was written up in the local papers, and when the Smithsonian Museum came to verify the find, they 'took it for safe keeping' back to Washington, DC, and it was never seen again.