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Alexandra Sokoloff: What is the Three Act Structure, and why should you care?

from Now Novel

Joseph Campbell's Mythology

How to structure your story: tips from Joseph Cambell's mythology - Now Novel


How to Nail Your Novel Pacing (without selling your story's soul

How to Nail Your Novel Pacing Without Selling Your Story's Soul from the How To Write a Story Guide on

If a little of the right kind of conflict is good for your story, then how much fun can you get out of doubling your story's conflict? The answer: oodles.

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10 Tips Guaranteed to Rescue Your Story

10 Tips Guaranteed to Rescue Your Story - #writing #nanowrimo

How to Use Index Cards to Write a Novel Outline

Did you know your protagonist isn’t as special as you think? Special means unusual or set apart. And amidst all the many awesome characters in your story, your protagonist may well be just one cool dude among many. So why is he the protagonist? Why not your gorgeous love interest? Why not your brain…