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It's Written on the Wall: WATERMELON: A Teapot, Birthday Cake, Angry Birds, Valentines, Butterflies and More party food

from Country Living

7 Watermelon Sculptures That Almost Look Too Good to Eat

Turn your watermelon into a show stopping display piece by adding some swimming banana dolphins.

from Fantastic Fun & Learning

Watermelon Activities

This would be great fun to have as a kid's activity at a 4th of July gathering.

from DIY Ready

Amazing DIY Beach Party Ideas

Watermelon Sea Turtle. There is no freaking way I would EVER do this, but the idea is fascinating.

from My Modern Met

21 Watermelon Sculptures That Are Too Skillfully Crafted to Eat

Eiffel Tower WATERMELON !

from Fantastic Fun & Learning

Watermelon Activities

WATERMELON! Building, Playdough, Discovery Bags and More: How Many Things Can YOU Do with Watermelon? (Sulia Article)

from BuzzFeed Community

Community Post: 75 Awesome Watermelon Carvings

rabbit watermelon carving

Fruit salad vomiting melon witch! What's awesome is that the brain on the side is *also* a watermelon.

Awesome.and fun and I could use all the odd ends from paper trims...=}