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Digital Honeycomb Keyboards

Phone Key - Typing on touch smartphone keys can be tricky for many consumers with the buttons being quite small and better suited to slender limbs. The WRIO di...

Digital Cookbooks

computer cookbook to upload all my favorite recipes and find more with full wireless, designed just for hard wearing kitchen use, I think Im in love if they would just build it rather then tease me with these "concepts"

Digital Smartphone Locks

Digital Smartphone Locks - The Weiser Lock System by Kevo Eliminates the Need for Keys (GALLERY)

Intense Techy Keyboards

Intense Techy Keyboards - The Razer Nostromo Keypad is for Hardcore Gamers (GALLERY)

Celestial Lighting Solutions : Solar Outdoor Floor Lamp

Celestial Lighting Solutions - The Solar Outdoor Floor Lamp will Add a Touch of Striking Brightness (GALLERY)

Remarkable Reflective Umbrellas

A simple and ordinary item during the day, but a smart fashion accessory at night- this is the super cool hi-reflective umbrella designed by Yee-Ling Wan. The awesome design concept starts from the simple idea that...

50 Dynamic Cutlery Designs

50 Dynamic Cutlery Designs - From Slick Pleated Silverware to Affectionately Engraved Utensils (TOPLIST)

Boundless Touchscreens

Paper-Inspired Water Bottles