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Live Dirty, Eat Clean! Why The Microbiome Is The Future Of Medicine: Dr. Robynne Chutkan

I kinda knew this from experience. My mother disinfected everything and I was always sick. I think I had strep twice a year! My husbands mom left it dirty and he was rarely sick. He's been sick 1 time in the 4 years I've known him!

Abolishing Heart Disease

"Abolishing Heart Disease" - By Center for Nutrition Studies - "The truth be told, coronary artery disease, the most common form of heart disease which is responsible for heart attacks need never exist and if it does exist, it need never progress."

Why EVERYONE Should Consider Giving Up Meat

Why Everybody should consider giving up meat

School Field Trip Tour of Slaughterhouse Traumatizes Children - I think all schoolchildren should go on such a trip. It's time all meat eaters learn exactly where and how their food ends up on the dinner plate.