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The First Female Serial Killer In America: Lavinia Fisher

The "Giggling Granny. "Nannie Doss (1905 – 1965) was a serial killer responsible for the deaths of 11 people between the 1920s and 1954.[3] She finally confessed to the murders in October 1954, after her fifth husband died in a small hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In all, it was revealed that she had killed 4 husbands, 2 children, her two sisters, her mother, a grandson, and a nephew.

11 Terrifying Female Serial Killers You've Never Heard Of

Buzzfeed calls this a list of female serial killers you probably never heard of yet aileen wuarnos is on the list and i knew of pretty much all the rest of them too

Elizabeth Bathory, “the female Dracula” (1560-1614) — a renaissance-era transylvanian countess alleged to have bathed in the blood of young women to enhance the beauty of her skin. if true, she would be one of the rare cases of female offenders who could be catagorised as a “hedonist lust” type serial killer: those who harvest body parts or fluids for their own hedonistic pleasure, a characteristic predominately associated with only male serialists.