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Red Hair Shades - every red hair shade imaginable

Red Hair Shades is a more like a gallery with many pictures of red hair colors and a great source of inspiration. If you want to dye your hair red, take a look first and choose your shade.

I recently started following this blogger ... I love her hair as much as I enjoy her blog!!  WOW!

Her method is not CG like I am, so I won't be using it, but GOSH. Her HAIR. I am so jealous of curly redheads. ~ Biblical Homemaking: how to style curly hair {beauty on a budget}

L'Esprit du Renard, sous sa forme humaine à les cheveux longs et roux.

In my youth, I was like a real-life Rapunzel, only with red hair instead of golden. ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club --- i want hair this long, i dunno what i would do with it. But i want it.

Sometimes I would like to just dye my hair a crazy bright colour, if only it would suit me ;)

Cute outfit and this is the hair color my friends gonna do, she& still have her red hair but shes gonna ombre it, its gonna be pretty:)