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    Fun to ~ For my 3-5th graders this is THE fun place to go and practice keyboarding skills. From Keyboard Ninja (a keyboarding version of the popular app Fruit Ninja) to Excuses, Excuses (where students type their own homework excuses) to Tommy Q: Zombie Defender (sort of like PvZ) these games are engaging and entertaining. The biggest plus? There's a wide variety of skill levels from which to choose which makes it a GREAT resource for EVERY kiddo!

    Barbie Detective in the Mystery of the Carnival Caper Best Game ever! I don't think I ever beat it though....I want to play it now.

    Long before computers, Blu-Ray's, and video games, Viewmaster's could entertain kids for hours. I was one of those kids! Ha!

    Nintendo's second dual-screen Donkey Kong Game & Watch hand-held. This simple LCD game kept me busy on a daily basis during a six-week vacation as a kid.

    Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas