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Transportation of Voltaire at the French Pantheon, 8 July 1792 Although Voltaire’s contribution to the Revolution has been much debated, the revolutionaries themselves had absolutely no doubt of his significance. After 1789 he was much in vogue, in that his plays were often performed and other artists lionized him in various ways. One of the highlights of this glorification was the transfer of his remains (he had died in 1778) from the countryside to the Panthéon in Paris, where heroes of…

Sophie Taeuber-Arp (19Jan1889-13Jan1943) She took part in Dada-inspired performances as dancer, choreographer & puppeteer She also designed puppets, costumes & sets for performances at the Cabaret Voltaire as well as for other Swiss & French theaters. She also made sculptural works, such as a set of abstract "Dada Heads" of turned, polychromed wood. With their witty resemblance to the ubiquitous small stands used by hatmakers, they typified her elegant synthesis of the fine and applied arts.

Hugo Ball (22 February 1886 – 14 September 1927) was a German author, poet and one of the leading Dada artists.

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A poem by Hugo Ball

My demon - My demon has no brothers, no sisters, no kin. - My demon thinks time’s just a waste and a sin. - When God had made the worlds good enough, - My demon sat down in the grass for a laugh. - Cut his toenails in two in a dance, - And saw the whole world glide by in a glance. - Hugo Ball (1886-1927)

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This Video Perfectly Explains Why Body Image Is Different For Women

"I wholeheartedly believed for 26 years that it was impossible for a short and fat (or socially shunned) woman to date a not short, not fat (or socially ...

Even if you hate musical theatre, you'll enjoy this. She's being "shared" by two men, a kept woman who used to be noble. Also, Kristen Chenoweth is the most brilliant singer ever. I heart musical theatre. Don't judge me.

7 Emmy Hennings (Flensburgo, 17 de enero de 1885 - Sorengo-Lugano, 10 de agosto de 1948) fue una escritora (poetisa y novelista) y performer alemana asociada al Movimento Dada en Zúrich, participante del grupo original Cabaret Voltaire.