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Stair Step Dishcloth - - Knit ePattern

Stair Step Dishcloth -A “slightly” different style for a dishcloth! Unique, yet easy pattern! This is so fun to knit. Finished size is about 9” by 9 ½”. We love the size and unique pattern stitch. You will just have to knit up some for your friends, as they will love something new like this! Uses machine washable worsted weight yarns, knitting needles, US # 10. $1.25

Butterfly Dishcloth - - Knit ePatterns

Butterfly Dishcloth - An easy to “knit in” pattern of a butterfly in a dishcloth. This is something a little bit different than the usual knit dishcloths. Amaze your friends that you can knit this! The pattern is “row by row” easy! Once you make one, you will know how fun and easy it is, you will want to knit another for a gift! Uses worsted weight cotton or worsted weight yarns, knitting needles, US # 9. Finished size is about 10” by 9 ½”. A good size for every kitchen! $1.25

Sail Boat Dish Cloth - - Knit ePattern

Sail Boat Dish Cloth - This is very different in the “dishcloth” department. You will have fun knitting the “ boat” shape so much, you will want to make many of these! Make some for your boat, or camper. Fun and easy to knit, and works up quickly! Finished size is about 9” by 9”. There is a hint in pattern for larger one too! Uses worsted weight yarn and small amount of yarn for top “flag”. Knitting needles, US# 9, use size 10.5 for larger size. $1.50

Soothing Vapor Bath Soak

Kitchen Towel and Holder - - Knit ePattern

Kitchen Towel & Holder - Every kitchen in America has at least one of these. You should use up your scrap yarns and make these for gifts! After all, you get 2 gifts from one towel! Uses worsted weight yarn, US needles # 9. Finished size will depend on the towel you buy. $1.50

Reversible Potholder - - Knit ePattern

Reversible Potholder - This is really fun to knit! Like a pinwheel design, only this one is easy, made on 2 needles! People tell us they also use this for a dishcloth! Make lots of various colors for gift giving. Put one by each placemat for a “ladies luncheon” party as a party favor! Finished size is 8¼ inches in diameter. Uses worsted weight yarn, and knitting needles, US # 8. $2.25

Easy Knit Dishcloth - - Knit ePattern

Easy Knit Dishcloth - This is easy knit, but something different than you may have done before. Pattern stitch is done in purl stitches. I know, you do not like to purl! Well, give this one a try. You won’t’ believe how purl stitches can transform something into a pattern so pretty! It is fairly easy, and quick to knit too. Uses worsted weight cotton yarn, knitting needles, US # 8. Finished size is about 9” by 9”, a size most people prefer. $1.25

DIY Bath Bomb Recipe

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Sun Burst Doily - - Knit ePattern

Sun Burst Doily -This is very cute. A good gift for your “Southwestern” friends! Such an easy pattern, you won’t even believe it! It is made in one piece on US # 7 or # 10 needles. The larger needles will make a doily size, smaller needles makes a dishcloth! Why not make both for a great gift! Use washable worsted weight yarns, such as cotton yarn. Finished size of dishcloth is about 9“ diameter, doily is about 12” inches in diameter. This is made in the round on 2 needles! $1.75