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<p>Among the many Chinese sweet soup (糖水), longan and snow fungus ranks among my most favorite. The basic ingredients are of course dried longan meat and snow fungus. Rock sugar is usually the choice sweetener for all kind of Chinese sweet soup, but you can always substitute with regular sugar. …</p>

Snow Fungus with Longan and Ginkgo Nuts Dessert 雪耳龙眼白果糖水 This is a simple Chinese dessert (tong shui) to make at home. It is often cooked during Chinese New Year and auspicious occasions (I remember having it at my friend's house on the morning of her wedding) presumably because its


Snow Fungus Papaya Sweet Soup (木瓜银耳炖冰糖)

Snow Fungus Papaya Sweet Soup (木瓜银耳炖冰糖) #guaishushu #kenneth_goh #snow_fungus_sweet_soup #木瓜银耳炖冰糖


Chinese Chicken Stew with Black Fungus

Chinese Chicken Stew with Black Fungus, cooked in a claypot. Easy, fast, and delicious.

Nourishing Dessert: Papaya, snow fungus and almonds soup This is a Chinese dessert which I tried at a famous dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong last month. When I tried the dessert, I thought this is something I can try to recreate at home since I have made something similar before - snow fungus with