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lee pace un portrait noir et blanc de plus.

Lee Pace on

Happy holidays! #Christmas #gardengnome Heavens! This man is so beautiful, he's killing me! :)

Lee Pace hmhmfnmgnjdfksdf

Bite it & suck it & rub my favorite parts all over him

Lee Pace Thranduil Can we all agree that Lee Pace's profile is the epitome of perfection?? Bravo.... Damn-

“It was a little chilling, to be honest. I looked so different from myself. It was very interesting. The way the character is designed — he’s beautiful, he’s exquisite. There’s something very ethereal about him. But also unforgiving and cold. We figured that out with the way he looks before I even shot a scene. We would do the costume fittings and I would be like, ‘Yeah, he takes up a lot of space this guy. He belongs on a throne.’”--Lee Pace on playing Thranduil

Lee Pace....I am sorry....but this is super attractive...

Lee Pace as Roy Walker in The Fall (2006)