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We all change. This isn't the entire quote, but it was the nicest one I could find, and I love it too much not to have it on my "A Few Lovely Words" board.

A quote I think fits Ophelia's view on Hamlet very well. Hamlet changes from what Ophelia believed to be a man who loved her into someone who has lost his mind who she must no longer love. He claims their relationship was a lie, and then tells Ophelia to "get thee to a nunnery" and "trust no man", letting her know she should stop believing in him, even if it hurts.

If I wasn't forced otherwise I would be holding all of my girls and loving on all three of them and showing them off to the world right now, I miss our family, if I could do anything I would my love....arie

I love this quote. I think too deep with this movie. Some people are the way they are, they can't change it. But that's not bad! People are the way they are, and that's great. Just be yourself.

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