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Jarod Kintz - "A lollygagger is a person choking on a lollipop. That works perfectly, because I...". humor, surreal, sales, sale, salesman, sell, seller, choke, word-junkies, candy, flavor, choking, heimlich-maneuver, lollipop, lollygag, lollygagger

Jarod Kintz - "My love burns for you like I�m an arsonist and marshmallows-on-sticks salesman. $2.99...". relationships, absurd, fire, business, sales, sale, salesman, love, arsonist, word-junkies, xazaqazax, deal, burn, burns, marshmallows, arson

Jarod Kintz - "A brick could be used to increase your annual sales. But before you can sell, you�ve...". humor, funny, strange, random, weird, surreal, wild, bizarre, brick-and-blanket-test, unexpected, brick-and-blanket-uses, brick-and-blanket-iq-test, brick-and-blanket-responses, sales, salesman, buy, buyer, common, uncommon, production, consume, consumer, increase-sales

Jarod Kintz - "I sell sex by the coffee cup. I don�t go by small, medium, or large, I go by deep,...". humor, sex, deep, business, coffee, sales, salesman, sell, large, medium, seller, small, deal

Jarod Kintz - "I had a dream about you. The seasons changed, but you did not. You were the same...". humor, dreams, friendship, youth, age, dreaming, aging, sales, young, sale, salesman, sell, old, discount, fountain-of-youth, older, seasons, younger

Jarod Kintz - "Is that a ziggurat in your pocket or are you just Mesopotamia? You should know I...". humor, happiness, happy, sales, salesman, sell, erection, bananas, pocket, banana, mesopotamia, ziggurat

Jarod Kintz - "Before I sold used cars, I sold used horses. Mostly to glue factories". humor, funny, sales, salesman, cars, horses, factories, used-cars

Jarod Kintz - "I sell yawns. So when you see me yawning, and you then yawn, just know that�s me...". humor, sales, salesman, sell, selling, free-sample, product, yawns

Jarod Kintz - "Buy one I love you for $3.99. Buy twelve for $48.00. That�s a savings of twelve cents�directly...". humor, absurd, mouth, money, forever, sales, salesman, love, bank, profit, choke, warning, deal, choking, choking-hazard, hazard

Jarod Kintz - "Selling something only to steal it back to sell again is not only dishonest, but...". humor, funny, sales, salesman, steal, dishonest, profit, profitable, selling