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Love comes to those who wait, but they have disappointed him who still believe, although he has been betrayed, to those who still need love, but first has already been hurt one who has the courage and faith to build confidence again.

Ha! It sure does feel that way sometimes. Stage IV Endometriosis along with chronic migraines can take a toll, for sure. But, nothing I can't handle. 💪🏼

My mother in law sent this to me today. Love her & how fitting. Losing the person you love more than life is so devastating. Finding a way to move forward is rough but necessary I suppose. Still love you J, always.

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Sometimes I forget for a millisecond that you are gone. For that millisecond it is a relief, faking myself out that much what I need to get through the day only to realize I will never see you again and I'm broken and then I try to recuperate.

   Some of the best three minutes you can spend.  Pain, I love you..... (⬆️ listen to this time and time again)  Take this message to heart. Indulge it, soak it in. And lastly, reflect on it! Eric  William