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Civil War trailer in a nutshell

Is it weird that even this cartoon makes me want to cry? Civil War is going to kill me with feels.

And literally no one understands m my references. They just hear me talking nonsense and ask "lord of the rings?" And I say yeah and sigh

this is me in a nutshell country girl stuff shop

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Life of a clumsy person

Life of a clumsy person More

Banana Republic Camo Shirt Dress Navy shirt dress. Comprised of 2 pieces; navy slip dress with button up camo shirt dress on top. I really love this dress so much, but I'm 5'2 and it is just too long for me. I should of gotten petite, but I like my dresses a little long, but this is really big on me! I wear a 10-12 normally. So in a nutshell, too big for me, tried on, twice, never worn out. It does have pockets!!!?? Ready to ship! Banana Republic Dresses

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I'm not Always a B*tch Just Kidding, 15 oz Coffee Mug, Ceramic Mug, Quote Mug, Coffee lover, Valentine's Day Gift, The Original - Mature

This is my life in a nutshell. I hate it when I say my thoughts and someone tells me that what I said is "mean". Its like don't judge me for my opinions. My opinions are mine to say, and if you try and stop me from saying them, ha, have fun. Ugh.

If you're anxious and you know it clap your hands...

If you're anxious and you know it clap your hands...

This Is My Life if youre anxious and you know it clap your hands if youre worried because a vague sense of uneasiness has been following u around for as long as u can remember nd u kno it since u have little to no jdea what ure doing with your life #anxiety

Ok, so this didn't help me, but it IS a clip of me & my journey in a nutshell. And yes, I'm so immature that every time I think of the word "nutshell," I think of "Austin Powers" & snicker.

It's all I can say. I'm drowning trying to please these people and I know I can't please them so my only way out is to leave and start my life.*