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21 Animal Accessories That You Urgently Need In Your Life

This looks like kitten versions of Firestar and Sandstorm:) if u don't know about the Warriors books, this is still cute :)

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24 Diagrams To Help You Have Better Sex

I love how I wake up, try to crawl out of bed and you grab me and pull me back to your chest. No one's heart beats like yours. Then you push my hair back and kiss me, and tell me how much you've missed me. And I almost cry because I've missed you more. <3

My mouth falls open at the site of it and he takes the opportunity to seize my lips with his. His tongue slips into my mouth and it tastes of spicy brown whiskey and warm caramel.

It's everytime with you... Some times, we just lay there silent and pause with lips touching and to me it's like our bodies are touching, chest touching, lips touching... And such the most peaceful place I can ever dream to be...ONE with you... M

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Famous Quotes on Images (Part 7

More love quotes when you click on the pic. Personal Developmental Quotes #Quote

It's a Black & White photo, but with restrained passion that could explode into color at any moment.

My Teddy is a good kisser ... Mmmmm.. Mmmm.. Good !!!! I Love you darling. Your Teresa xoxoxo

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Getting deep with word porn (17 photos)

Word Porn Quotes : theBERRY