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Grateful Expressions | Thanksgiving: 10 Expressions of Gratitude

Everyone was anticipating how much tax refund they will get! With reason! With all the family tax breaks, a household could get between $1,000 and $3,000 refund! Of course those are rough estimates but most of the clients I did taxes for were getting those returns. This is quite a neat sum! How can someone use it wisely and optimize it?

For one minute please, stand here in silence and look at the sky and contemplate how awesome life is.

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random thoughts for FRIDAY april 13th, 2012


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6 Wise Things To Do With Your Tax Refund

Having an extra $3k in your pocket can make you feel rich for the moment, but it can also lead to some serious money blunders and unwise spending. Before your tempted to blow through it super quick, here are some wise things you can do with your lump of cash.

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7 Peak Moments from 7 Hit Songs (Michelle) by Martin Kersels Invest your tax refund wisely!