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Trade-card of Harwood &Thomas, ironmongers and hardwaremen.

Kawarazaki Gonjuru I as Unryu Kuro, 1862 by Toyokuni III/Kunisada (1786 - 1864)


Gilded Songbird II

I have been wanting to find some vintage bird prints like this.

ladysmatter: The Irwin Sisters by Robert Home Both Irwin girls are accomplished- one embroiders while the other reads, seated at a piano forte. The paintings on the walls are unusually detailed- Did they have high-ranking relatives in the Army and the Navy? In any case, seems Robert Home specialized in painting Accomplished Young Ladies of the British contingent in India.

it’s getting colder and colder here in Moscow) cover for ‘Mittens for Kittens and other Rhymes about Cats’ by Erik Blegvad, 1975

Seek joy first and foremost. Seek reasons to laugh. Seek reasons to offer words of praise to self and others.Seek beauty in nature, beasts and other humans. Seek reasons to love in every segment of every day. -Abraham

Milton Avery- In love with his use of color and shape.

Consider crops, scale, weight, layering and other manipulations

Japanese Print and Clivias (Detail) - Cressida Campbell, 2013 Australian,b.1960-