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Explore Officeimshoot Fb, Mariana Burity and more! | Lucas Lourenço | Modelo: Lucas Lourenço ( 40 graus models) Beleza: Dennya Carvalho Assistência de beleza: Mariana Burity Moda: Officeimshoot Realização : officeimshoot ‪#‎officeimshoot‬

Hi guys this is a selection of pics that i like!! There is some nudity in so you have to be 18 jr old to watch this site !!!!! Email to send your pics or vids !!! Or visit facebook Instagram . marcmdna snapchat/...

"Just watch me." I say, clicking the windows open. My eyes falls closed and the wind ruffles my dress. My arms spread like a bird and I fall. -The Death Hollows, Rachel M

He stood, slightly slumped, his hands in his pockets looking out over the lake. It was so familiar it was like a punch in the gut. I turned on my heal and left as silently as I had come.

"What do you mean, you don't know how to swim? You live on an island, for crying out loud!" "Yeah, well I don't know how, ok?" "Well I guess that just means I'll have to teach you."