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The GQ Guide to Shirting

"The GQ Guide to Shirting" - How to find a dress shirt that fits you well and conveys the confident look you desire.

Master copy project for life drawing. I chose Albrecht Dürer's "Praying Hands" it's actually in black and white but I thought a filter would help it pop. #art #drawing #filter #oldmastercopy #albrechtdurer #hands #sketch #tonedpaper #prayinghands #charcoal #lines #value #challenge #lifedrawing #acarone95

Story Behind Praying Hands by Albrecht Durer

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This hand made layout tool is based on a square that appears in Albrecht Dürer's print, Melencolai I, from 1514; this almost forgotten square style is now back in production and ready for purchase. I faithfully reproduced the size, proportions and moulded stock profile of the square using a piece of quarter sawn wood for stability. These squares are lightweight, easy to maintain, accurate and aesthetically pleasing when hanging in your workshop or in use.To celebrate the ope...

And here’s the final Forma series for @thejaunt . 40 unique x wooden tiles, cut & hand painted w/ varied depths to the individual pieces. All unique in form & color palette.